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Who are we

Conscendo Asset Management is a management company that manages capital in the foreign exchange market on behalf of customers. We operate on the basis of an absolute returnmandate, and make our investments based on analysis of the fundamental market conditions.Emphasis is placed on the managers’ long experience and good knowledge of the Scandinaviancurrency market. The company was established in spring 2006, and has a proven trackrecord.

Our business objective

The primary objective of Conscendo Asset Management is to obtain long-term capital growth at attractive risk adjusted terms, free from the volatilities of the global business cycle. This is achieved through focused investments in foreign exchange markets.

Managing risk

Conscendo Asset Management’s primary investment philosophy is to preserve capital and achieve excellent long-term returns. To obtain this objective, we utilize the best risk management systems available, combined with disciplined portfolio managers. Positions are only taken when we see clear opportunities, and the use of leveraged positioning is dependent on the performance of these positions.

Our team

All partners have proven track records from banking and investment firms, and we will continue to focus on the highest possible competence from all our traders and staff.
Opportunities in foreign exchange
Currency markets have become the largest, fastest and the most effective global financial market place. We believe the majority of market participants have other objectives than achieving absolute returns from their activities, and this provides us with trading opportunities. During many years of foreign exchange trading and strict focus on selected currencies, we experience opportunities in creating attractive returns on investments. For the investor, such returns provide high quality risk-adjusted returns uncorrelated to equities or property markets.